Thursday, April 30, 2009


There are some things I've tried to eliminate from my everyday vocab. Not necessarily individual words, but more so over-exaggerations that don't apply to my life what so ever.

"I'm STARVING". I am not starving. Children in Africa are starving. I am just really hungry and probably shouldn't eat that snack anyways because I already had lunch.

"I NEED that". I don't need anything. God has provided just enough. I want. Not need.

"That's gay". This is a big one that I still let slip every once in a while. I don't like it. Never have liked I'm not saying it.

The one I just thought of is the idea of Christians "chasing after God". I used to fall prey to this idea. That I am spending my life chasing God and chasing His will for my life.

I had it so backwards.

God is chasing ME. God is chasing US. And we spend our life running away. Running away because we want to do it OUR way. Not His way. Why? Because we are sinful beings who don't know any better.

I let God catch me. That's something I've definitely improved. When I lean away from Him, He always pulls me right back. And for that I am so grateful.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i've had my first real, moral, spiritual, and personal problem at work. there are many things that the families that i work with do, that i don't agree with. but i usually shrug them off and think "i'll do it differently with my kids".

until now.

i can't really say what it is exactly. you know, confidentiality. but, i can say it is horrific. and i can't do anything about it. i feel sick. and sad.

what am i supposed to do?

all i can do is pray. all i can do is have complete faith in God to help this woman. have complete faith that God will give me the strength to get through this. have faith that God will change this mom's heart. have faith that God will provide me with a new job.

faith and prayer.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

glass half full.

I have an amazingly optimistic disposition. Not much really gets to me and stays there. I don't hold hostilities, and I forgive and forget easily.

I live my life glass half full. I maybe disappointed by things in life, but I never dwell on it, and I don't let it ruin me. Example one: When I've had relationships end with boys, I don't usually let it get to me for a long time. I'll be visibly depressed for a couple days and then I buck up and move on. Simple.

Example two: Today when a Detroit Parker Enforcer (that's not their name, I just don't know what they are called.. meter fairies?) decided to give me a parking ticket for PARKING in a NO STANDING zone...I was upset for a moment, and then found humor in the entire situation.

Here's the story: I was with a client at DTE to assist with their bill. I got there at 3:30 and waited in line until 4:00. We leave the building to find the parking enforcer placing a ticket on my windshield. I walk up to the guy and I say, Why am I getting a ticket? He just points to the sign that says "No Standing". So I'm like, ok fine, just because I did not want to argue with him in front of my client. I take the ticket off my car and read that the "No Standing" applies between the time 4pm-6pm. The time on the ticket is 4:02.


Long story short, I got my first ticket for something I didn't even do. Which I find hilarious. :)


Friday, April 10, 2009

faith like a child.

Tonight I was coloring with my 4-year-old niece. We were both quietly enjoying our own Sponge Bob works of art and she turns to me and says in a very serious tone, "I'm sad." So, I said, "Why?" And she replied with, "Jesus died on the cross today." I was astounded.

Then I said to her, "Well Faith, you know what happens on Sunday, right?" And she turns to me, and says, without missing a beat, "Jesus comes ALIVE!" She was so excited.

I find out later, that my brother in law had taken all the kids to noon mass for the passion play today. My niece doesn't miss anything, she's so smart. So naturally, she understood exactly what was going on.

It just really tugged at my heart strings to see a 4-year-old so excited about Jesus.

I wish everyone had faith like a child. Really I do.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Final 4 Basketball.

Alright. I am not really into watching college basketball. I am a Wolverine at heart, and U of M's basketball team has never really been that skilled, SO I've never really had the opportunity to get or be excited about college hoops.

I was listening to the morning show on 96.3 today. (Blaine and Lisa w/ Allison, very funny, anyways...I digress) They were talking about how even Michigan fans should be cheering for MSU this weekend in the Final 4. They were arguing about it because, Blaine, a big U of M fan, didn't want to. So I started thinking neither would I.

I don't even know who is playing MSU, but I say, go them!! :)

Wouldn't MSU give U of M the same justice. Cheer for whatever team they are playing against???

What does everyone else think? Are you cheering for State b/c it's a Michigan team or are you cheering against them to be a true Wolverine??

As a side note: My mom re-wrote the State fight song.
Here it is:
On the banks of Red Cedar
There's a college known to all
Their speciality is losing
And the Spartans play bad balll
See their team is weakening
Their going to lose this game
Come on Wolves fight!
Victory to U of M!!!


OH and one more thing. I would like to thank Obama for the extra $18 on my check today. That's really going to help me put a dent in my student loans....... *please note sarcasm)