Friday, July 15, 2011

80% Mental. 40% Physical.

I am three weeks into my marathon training. So far so good.

I'm still not a fan of wind. Breezes I can get down with though. It's beautiful. I purchased a hat that wicks sweat so that's been key in the prevention of sweat in the eyes. One more thing I learned, don't run at a metro park without bug spray. Last Saturday I got attacked by horseflies. Though swatting them away helped me not focus on how much I had to run.

Running is a mental game. Just like in the movie Little Giants (yay childhood!), they said "Football is 80% mental and 40% physical". Though the math doesn't quite add up. It makes perfect sense with running. My mind goes a million miles a minute when I'm running. The constant, "I'm tired". "I have to run THAT many more miles". "I could stop..." It's a constant battle. I wonder if I'm the only runner who does that. And yes, I am referring to myself as a runner. I think I deserve it.

My longest long run thus far has been six miles. It felt so good when I got done. My knee hurt later, once the endorphins wore off, but still. Tomorrow I have to run seven miles. What's one more?? That's my new philosophy for my long runs, "What's one more?"

I talk to God a lot when I'm running. I know He's the only reason I have to strength and ability to actually accomplish this mess. I am essentially breaking myself down mentally and physically and it's putting me in a nice and vulnerable place to be able to talk to God. It's pretty great. I praise Him for giving me the strength and motivation to try and accomplish this goal. And I plead with Him to take the fatigue and horseflies away. It's one of those things where you can never ask God for something too little. I know we forget that sometimes. That God is there for the day-to-day things as well.

God's so big, He's even in the little things.

Well that's my running update so far. I want to post something just for lady runners, but y'all will be sufficiently warned beforehard. :)

God Bless you all. And happy running.