Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New way.

Hey kids! Haven't been here in a while. I try not write when I have nothing positive to say... but that's when I want to write the most. I make more sense of things when I write them out.

This year I've made resolutions without making them...if that makes sense. I decided to better my life by doing things I normally wouldn't and trying things I normally wouldn't just let go. So far so good. I'm letting down barriers.

Recently I've been thinking, that this point in my life is the first opportunity I've had to really relax and let the world around me, actually KNOW me.

My family moved here when I was in the second half of 8th grade. Perfect...not. All throughout high school I was experiencing the typical teenage "who am I?" phase. I went away to college to figure that out...which never happened. I was still uncomfortable with myself and it made it difficult to make real connections with people. Also didn't help that I came home for the summers just to leave at about the time the real connections were starting, just to be lost again when I left back to school.

Then I graduated. I got my college degree and moved home. Something I never intended on doing (moving home, that is). I never really liked downriver, and I never made it a secret, in fact, I'm still not too fond of it. But over the past year and a half or so I have been able to settle into a life. A life where I'm involved in church, I have a "good" job, and where I have made real connections, with real friends. I realize now that I have been missing that for some time.

It's been an interesting concept to me that this is the way life is supposed to be lived, especially since I haven't had this kind of experience since I was a kid. And I really enjoy it. I'm content, but I'm not complacent. Deep down inside I don't want to place any roots here, but so far it appears that this is were God wants me to be, so here is where I will remain for now. Even though there is still that little part in the back of brain that is screaming at me to get out. But for now, I will stay, and for the first time I'm not completely unhappy about that.

I am happy. In a society where it is normal for people to not be happy, I am. And for that, I would like to thank God for giving me a brain that doesn't work like everyone else's : ) But seriously, thank you.

Oh, and thank you friends for loving me for who I am.