Monday, April 30, 2012

Spiritual Diet.

I was pondering to myself while I drove to church today. I often ponder when I'm driving. Pondering, in Hillary world, means that I'm thinking one thing to the next rapid fire. Sometimes I wonder why I don't get more headaches or car accidents, for that matter... ANYWAY. I digress. 

I was thinking about how some people, mainly women, use this certain dieting technique. They will keep a log of the food they've eaten that day. The point being that if you're seeing on paper what you've eaten that day, it'll be inspiration to eat healthier and all that that implies. 

This is not a fitness/weight loss entry. I have a point and I swear I'm getting to it. 

What if we kept a log of the things we do during the day that we know is displeasing to God? Every little sin, every little earthly thing. Every bad judgmental, lustful, angry, selfish thought or action... what then? How would that pan out for everyone?

I know I'd be writing down more than I'd care to admit. 

Then I wondered to myself if that'd change anything. Seeing all that ugly stuff on paper. I certainly hope so. I know I'd definitely be better for it. 

I don't want to write down all those things. I really don't. I want to spend my life doing, thinking, and saying things that will only bring glory to God. Things God will write down and pat me on the back for later. 

That's what I want.  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pulling my head out of the dirt.

I'm at work. My 1pm appointment never showed up, so I've taken the time to read some women's christian blogs, and it's been really enlightening. 

I feel like God has placed me in a very unique position. I live a pretty unique life, I think. Maybe not. But, at least I think I do. I'm in a position where I can do pretty much anything. I have a job that allows me to sleep in, and parents that allow me to live with them free of charge, so that I can enjoy the money I make. Though, the freedom is smaller with this job, but I'm less stressed, so I'll take it. 

I know I've written about being single many times before. Being single, in this way, places me in an (again) unique position. I've had quite some time to really observe and absorb so much from watching and being around couples (married or otherwise). I'm comfortable enough with myself to maintain friendships with the opposite gender. And friendship, I think is SUPER important to romantic relationships, so that's an asset I hold close. Though, admittedly, my friendships with the same gender can use a little help.

After reading those blogs today, I feel really encouraged and inspired to use where God has placed me. I need to find a way to make my life an illustration for God's awesomeness. It's time to turn what I have for so long thought was a curse, into a blessing to show to everyone. Maybe I'll use this blog for it. Since I've been kind of neglecting this for some time, maybe it's time to bring new life to it. We'll see. 

I don't know. I'm just feeling blessed. Single or not, I want to spend my time being an encouraging, humble woman of God. And I'm feeling really great about it.