Sunday, February 5, 2012

Line to the Cherry Tree.

So guys. I'm related to George Washington. That's right. My aunt got a membership on and my dad came home with this bit of information tonight. I'm going to try and illustrate it on here so you guys can see it. Mary Reade is the key.

My grandpa: 
Orvil J. Richardson son of..

Eva Bennett (1888-1970) daughter of..

Elwood Bennett (1851-1890) son of.. 

Varney Bennett (1820- 1896) son of..

Joseph Bennett (1788- 1843) son of.. 

Joseph Bennett (1731-1837) son of..

William Peter Bennett (1703-1777) son of... 

William Bennett, Jr. (1684-1710) son of..

William Bennett (1624-1670) m. Mary Warner (1663-1686) daughter of..

Augustine Warner (1642-1681) and Mary Reade (1663-1686) .....

Mary's Reade's OTHER daughter, Mildred Warner's timeline is as follows: 

Mildred Reade (1671-1701) had a son..

Augustine Washington (1694-1743) had a son..

George Washington (1732-1799) 


So here is how it connects. Augustine Warner and Mary Reade's had at least two daughters. One of which (Mary Warner) 9 generations later led to my grandpa, Orvile. The other daughter, Mildred, two generations later, led to George Washington. 

It's hard to describe without seeing the two next to each other, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. :)