Monday, June 27, 2011

Marathon training day 1

So here is the conclusion I've come to. I'm going to start training as if I'm running the full marathon, which is my plan. But if I am physically unable to keep up with that, I may just run the half and make the full my goal for next year. You might be thinking, "Well why the defeatist attitude?" I'm just being realistic. I may not be able to physically do it. And I don't want to injury myself to the point where I may never be able to even think about attempting a marathon in the future.

Aside from that, today was the first day of official training. I was little pessimistic because my diet wasn't super great this weekend. I went to Indiana to visit Meredith and visiting anywhere doesn't always equal the greatest food choices. My run went well considering. I ran about a 11-min mile, which is really what I'm aiming for. If it inadvertently improves over the course of the next couple months, great, but I'm not trying to win any awards here. Just to finish the race, and accomplish a personal goal.

So a couple things I noticed today.
-I don't like running into wind.
-However, the wind is useful, as it drys the sweat on my face which would otherwise be going into my eyes.
-I need a sweatband.
-Not a fan of hills either, but I realized today that if I pay attention to my breathing, I am able to get it back to normal.
-I need shorts. Ick.

Alright. Day 1 completed! I'm pretty excited overall. And a little scared.

I just have to remember this one little things: If it were supposed to be easy, everyone would do it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hot minute.

Well it's been a hot minute since I've said anything remotely constructive here. May as well try to do that. We'll see how this spontaneity goes.

My brain is bouncing around to different things per usual. As far as the normal complaints goes, here's the update. My job isn't quite what I thought it'd be. We have a lot more consistent families, but I'm not sure how I feel about things and the way they are here. All I know is that I really have the reigns of this program, and I pray my supervisor recognizes that. Because when the opportunity presents itself, I'm planning on moving on. For two reasons: a) I don't make enough money. Only because I feel like my bills are taking over my life, and I haven't felt this way before. And b) I'd like to be doing something else.

I'm pretty happy with myself and everything else. I've come back full circle with the boys and realized for now I'm happy with the way things are. I'm single, not opposed to dating at ALL, but I've also found some patience in the process. I think it helps that I'm really becoming more comfortable with myself and who I am as time moves on. I'm battling my struggles, but I'm making progress, which is SUPER helpful. On that note: If anyone's willing to set me up, I'm game. :)

My brother is moving to Colorado this summer. His wife got a teaching job out there and they are packing up and heading for the mountains. I'm happy for them because I know that's what they have wanted and talked about doing for a while now. I'm just going to miss my Irish twin, and I'm a little jealous he gets to go explore a new place and I don't. One day, God willing, I'll be doing the same. Probably not Colorado, because that's kinda far, but still. I am really excited to have an opportunity to visit a new place. ROAD TRIP!

I still think about opening a bakery all the time. I think it'd be so fun. Maybe I'll do that later in life. Who knows.

I'm doing the pre-training for the marathon. Every time I run, and I get tired, I keep thinking, why the poop am I doing this, but then I remember it's supposed to be difficult. If it were easy, everyone would do it, right?

That's pretty much all I got.
Oh yeah.
God is great.