Thursday, January 12, 2012

Comic Books.

I thought I'd write a little  blurb about comic books. 

For me, it started as a direct result of having few female friends. I've never been very good at relating to my gender kin, and I've reached an all-time low now that my darling Britts has left me for North Carolina.

Hanging out with the boys has changed how, as a girl, I'm entertained. Firstly, I like those silly video games. I sometimes laugh at things that are inappropriate. And my new thing is comic books. 

It started at the Detroit Fanfare this year. I went because Adam Baldwin from Chuck and the XFiles, was going to be there. And I thought it'd be fun to be in an extremely nerdy environment for an extended period of time. While there, I learned that they were rereleasing some of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. Being a fan of them as a child, I thought it'd be kind of cool to buy the first two issues. 

I quite enjoyed them and the fanfare, actually. Then I was lent some others by friends and here we are. I'm currently following four different stories. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Uncanny X Force, Amazing Spiderman, and just starting Wolverine and the X Men. And I really want to start the New 52 of Batman. 

This is so strange to me. I never thought I'd be even remotely into such a thing. I'm naturally a reader though. I love to read. And comics are very interesting to a reader who is used to novels and such. It's completely different and to be honest I've had some difficulty adjusting to it. I want to read through the dialouge quickly and know what happens. You can't do that with comics. You have to digest it slowly, and look at the artwork and all that. With novels you create the scenery in your head, with comics, it's provided for you. 
 I'm finding this allows you to learn more about the complexity and personalities of the different characters. It's awesome.

So yeah, I read comic books. And I'm grateful to have the kind of friends who are willing to introduce me to the things they enjoy. Even if I am a girl :P

Yep. :) 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

At Midnight.

It is currently 2:30am on the first day of 2012. And my main concern at this point is to remember to date things properly. 

It'll probably take me a month. 

Every year New Years is different for me. I used to care. Now I don't. Is it because I'm an old fart? I really don't think so. God's just molded my heart this way, and I kinda love it. Everyone's all about getting a "fresh" start in their life. Starting over. The old crap year is over and this year is going to be different... 

How many of you actually stick with whatever it was you said you were going to do? Be honest. 

I'm not saying any of this to discourage anyone. It'll turn into encouragement, I swear. This rant is similar to my rant concerning Lent. And here it goes:

If there is something important in your life or my life, that needs to be changed, why do we wait until the beginning of the new year to start it? Because we feel obligated? Because we feel guilty? Because everyone else is doing it and you want to participate in the conversation? 

I stand firmly on this ideal: If something is broken, fix it. Right now. Right when it's laid upon your heart. I feel like I'm lying to God by saying right now, in this moment, that I'm going to change something. What happens tomorrow? A week from now? In a month? Do you still have the new year warm fuzzies and ambition? 

I'm going to take a risk and say no. 

Not everyone is this way. I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is that many of you will make promises to yourself, to others, to our Almighty God that you're going to fix something. And many of you will soon crash and burn, or not even begin the flight at all; for whatever reason. 

Take heart friends! You are blessed. God will take your broken, defeated heart and mend it anytime of the year. 

So, this what I'll leave you with. As much as I am against New Years resolutions (I even didn't want to capitalize it), write down what it is you feel God is placing on your heart to fix. Go to Him, pray to Him to open your eyes, your heart, your ears. Listen. You'll hear. Take your time with it. If the answer doesn't immediately come to you, keep praying, keep listening, keep TRYING. 

God is speaking. 

He's speaking to me. He's probably speaking to you. 

Psalm 46: 10