Monday, October 28, 2013

Mile 10

Running. All I blog about is running anymore. Maybe I'll add a little something-something at the end of this, or save it for another time when I have more clarity on the subject. We'll see.


Where I last left this blog, I was still training for the marathon. Well, as you all know, I had to stop and drop to the half because of some chest pains I was having. After a few tests and head scratching and tears, there is still no definite answer to that problem. Though now it comes and goes and isn't nearly as severe. The doctor has me on vitamins and some medication to take if I feel anxious. Ugh, anxiety. 

I did make the decision to drop down to the half marathon. It was a decision I knew I needed to make and I knew the answer, but I had a very hard time doing it. I'd been mentally preparing for the full marathon since January. 

By the time I was given clearance to run again, I had a month and a half to get myself ready for the half. I left off at 12 miles for my long run, but with a month off, I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I was able to muster up 8 miles before the race, but I was still feeling uncertain.

The day before the race, I had finally gotten to the point mentally where I was okay with just doing what I could. Take it easy, have fun, run the race, walk if I have to, but mostly HAVE FUN. That evening, I fell right to sleep, something I've never done before a race. I woke up at 4am with the piece of mind that I was going to have fun that day.

My mom and I made it downtown JUST in time for the race to begin (stupid traffic). And as I waited with my group, I felt at ease. It was going to be just fine because 13.1 is MY race. I've completed it 3 times before and this is easy. 

I took my time. The bridge and tunnel are always mentally challenging, but I got over and through them just fine. Mile 6 and 7 went by without a hitch. Mile 9, I got my M&Ms, always the sugar rush I need. 

Then mile 10. After this race, I have decided mile 10 is my favorite. I appreciate mile 10. Why? Because at mile 10, I feel the best. I have it in my mind that I am going to finish the race. 3 more miles? PSH, I can do 3 miles. I also saw some friends at mile 10, and it's always good to see familiar faces. And you begin to wind your way back downtown, which means you're nearly there. 

I finished the race. I finished it running. I finished it in a way I've never finished a race before. Completed unprepared. 

But you know, I had so much fun. No PR needed. I still had a stinkin' good time. 

That crazy runner's brain is back. 

So my 2014 game plan?:
Rock CF Half Marathon
Martian FULL Marathon
Riverbank Run 25K
Detroit Half Marathon

PR my first marathon time by running the Detroit Full Marathon. I have to run the Detroit full at least once. I love the race too much.