Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bean Town.

I haven't posted here in a while. To be honest, I didn't really have much to say. Things have been cruising along per the usual. I've been training for the Nashville half marathon, but sometimes I think I talk to much about running and people get bored of it, so I've just kind of left that one alone.

However. After Monday, I feel like I need to say something. At this point I am not really sure what to say, exactly. 

I had left a home visit, and was on my way to Kohls. Why was I going to Kohls? Ironically enough, I was going to find a new running tech shirt to wear in at my race next week. I checked Facebook on my phone, and saw all the posts. I quickly turned on the radio and frantically scanned the radios for any information. I sat in my car completely shell-shocked. I felt sick to my stomach and practically on the verge of tears. 

How could this even be possible? I literally just posted my complete awe of the elite runner's finishing times not 4 hours earlier.

And then suddenly, all these years of me struggling with the idea of myself as a runner, completely faded. I am a runner. I wouldn't feel the way I felt on Monday if I didn't think of myself as a runner. My... our... running community were made into victims that day.

We aren't victims. Runners are some of the most dedicated, crazy, awesome, STRONG people you'll ever encounter. 

Races are some of the most incredible events you can go to. Having only just spectated my first marathon, I'm even more convinced of this. There are so many emotions there. Exhaustion, pride, joy, happiness, excitement, etc. 

And Boston. 

The Boston Marathon is the highlight of those runners lives. The work it takes to get there, I can't even imagine. 

And some selfish, hateful person just took that away. OR did they? The amount of support I've seen in the last few days has been incredible. The way the residents of Boston spoke up and offered anything to stranded runners, the video on the news of all those people running towards the injured after the blasts instead of away, and all those who ran yesterday and today in support. It's really incredible. 

So. Long story short, don't mess with runners. We're strong, and we're determined. 

A few people have asked if I still plan on running Nashville next week. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about it at first. But now. Now I feel like I need to do this. Need to be a part of the wonderful community of people who won't be stopped. 

And we won't. 

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